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Growing Our Economy

We need to provide a successful future for our children. By focusing on growing the economy, we can provide more and better jobs for the people of this state. Instead of handing out special incentives to some companies, Washington should be a desirable place for all employers.

Focusing State Spending

Washington State has benefitted from increased tax revenue for many years. This is a valuable resource and should be used to target important issues in this state. Money shouldn't be shifted through accounting tricks nor should the Rainy Day Fund be raided.


I have benefited immensely from our nation’s public education system. Our K-12 system, which we rely on to prepare our kids for college and the workforce, is in need of a shakeup. We must embrace reforms to fulfill the promise that we make to our children everyday. We should reward the best teachers with higher pay while holding districts, schools, and teachers accountable for student performance.